Exciting Yemei Meyuchad Across Camp!

Once a week we give our specialists the day off and, instead of our regular programming, run Yemei Meyuchad (Special Days) of exciting day-long programs for our hanichim (campers).  Yesterday, in addition to be one of the most absolutely gorgeous days of the summer so far, was a particularly exciting Yom Meyuchad here at Machaneh Ramah b’New England.

Tzad Aleph (A-Side) went to Six Flags, and the kids had an amazing time.  Reut, Rosh Ilanot, writes: “We all had such a blast at Six Flags!  After diving into groups (based on the types of rides the kids were interested in doing), the kids had so much fun exploring the park looking for exciting rides and things to do.  Some kvutzot (groups) enjoyed just chilling at the Lazy River, while some were going all extreme with roller coasters like Batman and Mind Eraser…! We also visited the water park on rides like Blizzard River and many others…  Once we were all done with the rides we went to get some tasty treats and cool souvenirs!”

Maor, Rosh Shoafim, collected some great quotes from his hanichim (campers):

“Six flags was really fun, I liked the water park!!!”- Jacob S., Tzrif 3

“Camp Ramah is awesome!!! I love that Ramah took us to six flags”- Evan and Sarah L.

“I don’t love amusement parks but I’m having a great time with my friends at six flags!! – Josh S., Tzrif 5

Amitzim also took a trip out of camp yesterday!  Adina, Rosh Amitzim, writes: “Amitzim had a great Yom Meyuchad!! The day was Yom Betoch HaYam! (“Under the Sea Day”.)  In the morning we went to the movies to see Finding Dory.  It was fun — what a great movie — and everyone had a great time.  When we got back to camp, we enjoyed a pack out lunch and had some time to rest.  We then had a great scavenger hunt with Machon.  All of the Amitzimers and Machoners were split into groups together.  They were sent out to find all things in nature. This bonding peulah (activity) helped everyone ready for our upcoming joint machazemer (musical) that we’ll be doing together with Machon!  The day ended with a fun Jeopardy game about all things under the sea.  There were questions about the ocean, about fish and plants, and also about Finding Nemo!  It has been a great day for Amitzim!” 

On Tzad Bet (B-Side), in the morning we wrapped up day four of our Machon/Nivonim Kishroniyah program, and kicked off our Magshimim/Bogrim Kishroniyah week.  It was such a pleasure seeing how happy and proud all of the Machon/Nivonim kids were at everything they had accomplished over the course of their four-day program… and seeing how excited all of the Magshimim/Bogrim kids were to begin!  We have posted a LOT of photos of Machon/Nivonim Kishroniyah on our password-protected photo-galleries, and we’ll be uploading more Mag/Bog photos today.

Before launching Kishroniyah, Magshimim hanichim engaged in an extended “Yom Expert” peulah.  Groups moved through different career paths and practiced the skills associated with each (often in a somewhat silly way). Since passing the MCAT and becoming a doctor requires intense amounts of memorization, hanichim at the “doctor” station played a giant game of Hebrew-English Anatomy Memory. To prepare for a future as a lawyer, hanichim took sides and argued before a judge in the classic case of waffles v. pancakes. And, in case baking is their true passion, hanichim decorated cookies!

Bogrim meanwhile enjoyed “Yom televizia” as their special pre-Kishroniyah peulah!  The hanichim (campers) split into groups and competed in a series of game show activities.  The first on the TV guide was Chopped.  Hanichim competed and crafted sweet confections to see whose cuisine would reign supreme!  The judges were impressed by creativity, presentation, and taste!  Next, they lined up for Minute to Win It!  Even after the competitive series of mini-games, the scores were close!  Machane Ramah-themed Jeopardy was the last part of the boker (morning) that determined haMenatzeach (the winner)!  Overall, the competition was fierce, but the fun was fiercer!

Magshimim and Nivonim also spent a chunk of their day yesterday participating in a special program run by visiting presenters from JCADA, the Jewish Council Against Domestic Abuse, who came to give a special presentation on being good friends and standing up to bullying.  Hanichim practiced life skills like “Using ‘I’ Statements,” “Never Engaging in a Conversation when You’re Too Angry,” and “Practicing a Conversation with a Friend” in a variety of different situations to help them be able to handle incidents as they might occur.


As you can see, it was definitely a Yom Meyuchad — a very special day — yesterday here at Camp Ramah in New England!