Experiencing the Light of Torah at Camp Ramah

Machzor Rishon tzevet-member Nicole Wilson-Spiro has posted a lovely blog on her experiences as a Ramah staff-member and parent.

Here is an excerpt:

One evening toward the end of July, I was privileged to see camp’s power in action, and amazingly it was connected to lightning and clouds. I was walking back to my room after dinner behind a boy and his counselor. They were discussing something seemingly trivial, but I could tell from the boy’s animated body language that he savored this time alone with his counselor. Suddenly the counselor pointed upward, “Wow! Look!” I looked too and saw it: on an otherwise clear evening, one cloud in the sky was backlit by lightening.

I admit it. My first thought was that I hadn’t brought along my raincoat, and I wasn’t yet near my room. But then the camper pointed too and exclaimed, “That’s amazing!” They were right. The one cloud in the sky lit up with lightning again and again. Everyone nearby stopped to gaze too, and we all agreed we had never seen anything like it before. In that moment, for that camper, natural beauty combined with his counselor’s attention to create an unforgettable experience, a mini-Sinai moment. As our tradition teaches us we should say upon seeing lightning, “Blessed are you, God, Ruler of the Universe, who makes the work of creation.”

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