Fired Up in Shoafim!


Today was another fun-filled Shoafim day! All of our new campers met their bunk MINI’s (counselors in training from Nivonim). Each bunk is paired with a few Nivonim campers who spend time with our chanichim (campers) a few times a week. The MINI’s learn how to assess social dynamics, camper care, and programming, while we receive some new energetic help at meals and activities.

It is a beautiful symbiotic relationship, and it gives Shoafim an opportunity to interact with the oldest chanichim at camp, who they admire very much and otherwise rarely see. Today, our MINI’s joined us at the dining tables for aruchat erev (dinner), and helped out at our medura (campfire) afterward. Here are a few of the MINI’s and their campers at the medura:

A member of the shira (singing) staff came to lead some fun songs by the fire while the chanichim roasted marshmallows and joined in.

After the last bites of s’mores and goodbyes to the MINI’s, the Shoafimers headed back to the tzrifim (bunks) to wash away the smoke and say lilah tov (goodnight)!

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