First Blog Entry Ever!

Shalom!  This is my first blog entry ever.  There is so much to talk about.  We are just about to head to dinner.  The weather is a little damp but it is supposed to change soon.  The anticipation for Shabbat is building.  Tonight, each edah on A-side is going to "Mishmar" (a program combining learning, fun and ruach).  They will all learn songs, play games, and study a little about our summer theme, hakarat hatov (gratitude).  Afterwards all of A-side will gather for rikud (dance) and Kibud (snack).  B-side will have a similar optional program after curfew.  There, we will sing songs, give d’vrei Torah and give them a snack.  Don’t tell them, but we baked brownies special for the occasion.  Keep checking back!

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