First days of camp- Bogrim 2009

Shalom from Bogrim 2009,

We have had an exciting first couple of days at camp! Yesterday was their first full day of camp, and everyone had a great time in all their activities. They have all been divided up into Berkshire teams, leveled into their Ivrit (Hebrew) classes, and done some great activities to bond with their bunkmates.

As you can see from the pictures on the website, we have had some great Peulot Erev (night activities) so far. Last night, each bunk had to make up a short dance to perform to the edah, but they did not know the music they were performing to until they got up on stage. All the bunks worked very well together and were very creative in the dance moves and choreography.

Tonight, we will have auditions for our play, Hairspray, which we will be performing for the camp next week. Everyone is very excited and we will be spending some time in the coming days learning all the songs and dances.

I am really enjoying getting to know all the campers in the edah. They are all energetic, fun, and very happy to be at camp. We are all looking forward to the first Shabbat at camp and a very exciting summer!

Jenna Silverman- Rosh Bogrim

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