First Session was a major success at the ropes course!
We started by teaching the basics of climbing and continued to develop the camper's knowledge of how to utilize the different elements of the Alpine Tower. We also introduced Hebrew to the course by encouraging campers to sing a Hebrew song as they were being lowered along with learning the different words that are connected with the climbing gear. During the second week, Machon and Nivonim started learning how to belay each other. This was so successful that by mid-session they were able to belay the younger campers with the ropes staff supervision. Though the third week of camp might have brought on the hot weather, we at the Ropes Course took this opportunity to work on team building and communication. Each camper who came down to us had the ability to participate on a few of our team building elements. Camper's developed new ways of listening to each other through both verbal and non-verbal communication. The last week of first session, campers were able to complete their own personal goals and to push themselves one last time. From climbing a little higher to completing all the elements on the Alpine Tower the campers pushed themselves forward to reach their own personal goals.
We had a blast with everyone who came and climbed with us this session, we hope to see you back soon!
Lehitraot (Farewell) for now!
Tzeira Creditor, Rosh Ropes/Adventure 2010

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