First Week in Cafe Ramah!


This week the campers really got to experience the Cafe. Last week, after orientation to the cafe, the kids kept insisting that they wanted to be  one part or the other – whether it was the meltzar (waiter), tabach (cook), or the lakoach (customer). This week, they actually got to play the part!

In our little Cafe Ramah there are the three roles mentioned above and they each have a specific job to do. The tabach in the kitchen works hard to chop, smash, fold, and bake the special ingredients into that day’s ‘Special.’ While they are busy doing that, the meltzarim are running around taking orders from everyone in the cafe. Lastly, the lakochot get to sit down in peace and order from the menu (which is all in Hebrew!).

Some campers are learning how to spend their ‘shekalim’ (Israeli currency) wisely on foods that they want to purchase from the Canteen as well as that day’s special. Others are learning how to take orders as well as work in an Israeli Kitchen.

Last week’s specials included: Borekas with cheese or potato, as well as Pita chips with either cinnamon or garlic butter.



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