Friday morning means Shabbat Gates!

It’s that time again- Friday morning in Machaneh Ramah! It’s the best time of the week as the chanichim (campers) enter the chadar ochel (dining hall) through our beautiful new Shabbat Gates and enjoy eating aruchat boker (breakfast) to music that has the whole Machaneh (camp) feeling the spirit of Shabbos. A camp favorite that is played every Friday morning is the song by musical artist Achiniam Nini”Boi Kallah” which talks about welcoming in the Shabbat Bride. It’s been an amazing three weeks of Machzor Sheini (second session) and we look forward to two more amazing shavuot (weeks) at Machaneh Ramah- Shabbat Shalom!

Want to hear the song? Click on the link to listen- Enjoy!



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