Friday Thoughts-Ethan

As you have no doubt heard (or read) this has been a busy week for us at camp.  In a week like this, Friday acts as an especially nice transition into Shabbat.  The morning schedule is essentially unchanged from the normal daily experience, but in the afternoon, things begin to change.  Nikayon (cleaning) is longer and more intense, and the camp begins, imperceptibly at first, then with great fanfare, to prepare for Shabbat.  All around camp, showers are constantly running, people are putting on nicer clothes, and the benches in the chorsah (grove) take on their Kabbalat Shabbat shape.  By 5:15 the edah "hosting" Shabbat is already in the grove, practicing for the shira and rikud presentation, and by 5:30 or so the rest of camp is gathered by edah getting read to head over.  At 6:00 the entire community is there and though the sun is still shining, and dark is a couple of hours away, we begin the process of bringing in Shabbat.  The Friday transition is complete.  It is not the week.  It is Shabbat.

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