Fun in Machon


Last night Machon had “Two by Tuesdays”, a peulat erev where everyone in the edah was assigned a partner and a partner costume. They had a fashion show, participated in a game show and did some rikud. Everyone was really into dressing up and had a great time at the peulah.

Today is one of our last regularly scheduled days of the session. The chanichim enjoyed a game of extreme bingo this morning and time with their Mah Ramah groups this afternoon. I had the opportunity to bring the group focusing on “inclusion” to sing and dance with Amitzimers today after a sensitivity training they experienced yesterday.

We are looking forward to a talent show tonight as well as carnival and banquet tomorrow night! Enjoy some of the costumes below (Siamese cats, Princess Fiona and Shrek, Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam):

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