Fun Story from Howard Blas

Can’t wait to see what the next camp t-shirt will look like? Check out what happened to Howard Blas on his flight to Israel yesterday!

Written by Howard Blas, Tikvah Program Director

Josh Edelglass Gets Attention, Twice, on An El Al Flight!

I have to admit—of all the t-shirts in my Ramah t-shirt drawer, the gray one  which reads, “Shalom my camp is Machane Ramah Camp Ramah in New England” –with some writing in Hebrew print, some Hebrew script, and some English, was my least favorite—until El Al Flight 28, which just brought me to Israel for the Ramah Israel Bike Ride.

At around 3 am, I went to the back of the flight for some juice and a snack.  The female flight attendant read my shirt—and we had a 20 minute conversation about her 2006 post-army shlichut to Ramah Berkshires, about the Palmer/Berkshires rivalry and more.

About two hours later, the elderly woman behind me needed help retrieving her tennis shoe from under my seat. She and her husband had some trouble making out the Hebrew—then told me that his grandchildren—from Sharon (the Wassermans!) attend CRNE.

Can’t wait to see what Josh is cooking up for this summer!

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