Fused Glass Kishroniyah Artist Statement: Magshimim and Bogrim’s Gift to Palmer; and Machon and Nivonim’s Wind Chimes Gift


Hello!  We are Bogrim /Magshimim Kishroniyah of Fused Glass 2017.  We were assigned to create a piece of artwork that would reflect on the 2017 theme at CRNE, “Hakarat HaTov” (recognizing the good by finding gratitude).  This piece of art would be a gift to camp from our group. We were given an 8” x 10” piece of white fused glass as our canvas.  We took many steps in order to complete this project.  We moved outdoors under the tent in the old Chadar Ohel to get some fresh air.  We first brainstormed on what we could create as a group.  Everyone participated and gave their ideas and opinions.  Then we sketched out our ideas on a huge piece of paper.

We decided on fusing glass pieces together to form an Israeli flag with the word רמה in Hebrew on it.  After we worked collectively to create our concept & design, we created three groups:

1) ones who cut the glass

2) those who put glue on glass

3) people to glue down each glass piece.  

Every 15 minutes each group rotated in order to give each person a fair share and feel of each job.  

We cut tiny pieces of glass in different shades of blue, both opaque and transparent, in order to create rich and super colorful texture when the pieces fused together.  Next we measured and glued down the Jewish star by using thick cobalt blue glass noodles.  Next we took all types of different textured clear glass pieces and cut them into smaller pieces and glued them around empty white space around the star.  We wanted to create texture and relief with it.  Then it was time for those fussy orange and yellow stringers that we formed into the word רמה overlapping the clear glass in the center of the piece. We then wrote out MAG/BOG KISHRONIYAH – 2017 CRNE on the bottom to symbolize that our group created this.

We decided on this design because we all believe in Hakarat HaTov and strongly side with Israel as a camp & as a whole.  We’d also like to acknowledge Israel as something good and a blessing to have.

We all gathered around the kiln as it finally cooled down to 100 degrees (we anxiously waited for what seemed like forever for it to drop from 101 to 100!) so we could open it after a 14 hour 55 minute firing.  We were so excited to see the final project and then presented it to David Offit & Rhonda Parker as our 2017 gift to camp.

  •         Rebecca Allen
  •         Shira Cooperman
  •         Tova Gelb
  •         Hadas Goldberg
  •         Michal Goldberg
  •         Hadass Novick  
  •         Aviyah Pepperstone
  •         Heschi Leibowitz
  •         Hannah Linder
  •         Yael Schranz  
  •         Naomi Volpi