Fused Glass Kishroniyah: Magshimim and Bogrim

Pictured here are our chanichim (campers) from Magshimim and Bogrim, who fashioned beautiful jewelry and Judaic art from fused glass during their intensive Kishroniyah workshop this past week.  Seen at the bottom is a vivid piece that the workshop donated to Palmer.  This piece embodies the concept of Hiddur Mitzva, making other mitzvot even more beautiful.  Their pride in the work, skills, and final product is evident.  And well-deserved!


Abby Maeir is a Chicago-based artist & art educator whose passion for the arts dates back to her youth when she vividly recalls creating woven potholders and box-stitched lanyards at the Pittsburgh JCC.  Abby embraces all types of art but focuses on teaching Kiln Formed Glass (aka Fused Glass) and Hand-Stamped Metalwork to children and adults as well as facilitating team-building workshops that inspire confidence and creativity.   Abby is an Artist-in-Residence at camps across the country including Ramah Wisconsin, Ramah Darom and Ramah Day Camp (suburban Chicago) where she inspires both campers & staff to create colorful, one-of-a-kind glass and metal pieces.  Abby believes there’s an “inner artist” in all of us and is excited to welcome you to her workshops.