Gesher Ramah Programming in the Boston Area!

For the past two years, we have been partnering with synagogues in the greater Boston area through the Gesher Ramah program to run community-building Ramah-style programs throughout the year! Gesher Ramah is a program of the National Ramah Commission made possible through generous funding of the Avi Chai Foundation. We’ve visited Purim Carnivals and Hannukah Happenings, built roller coasters and solved mysteries, and spent Shabbat with all of our partner shuls. Come check us out at Temple Israel of Natick, Temple Israel of Sharon, Temple Emunah of Lexington, Temple Emanu-El of Providence, and Temple Aliyah in Needham!

Some of our upcoming events in 2019 are:

1/11/19 – Shabbat is Awesome – Join us at Temple Israel of Sharon for a special full day program on Shabbat! We will be playing fun games, sports, and enjoying the magic of a Ramah Shabbat in January!

3/24 & 4/7– Join us at Temple Israel of Natick for a special post-religious school program from 12-2 pm!

Stay tuned for more events updated in this spot!

Our Gesher events from 2018:

1/28 – Religious School program “Escape Room” – Temple Israel of Natick

3/4 – Purim Carnival – Temple Emunah of Lexington

3/4 – Purim Carnival – Temple Aliyah of Needham

3/9-10 – Ramah Shababt – Temple Emunah of Lexington

3/11 – Religious School program “Engineering Challenges” – Temple Israel of Natick

3/21 – Religious School program “Escape Room” – Temple Emunah of Lexington

3/25 – Religious School program “The Great Chametz Hunt” – Temple Israel of Natick

11/4 – Religious School program “Abrahamic Monopoly” – Temple Israel of Natick

11/5 – Religious School Visit & Presentation – Temple Israel of Sharon

11/11 – Religious School Visit & Presentation – Temple Emunah of Lexington

11/16 – Ramah Shabbat – Temple Emanu-El of Providence

11/20 – Religious School Visit & Presentation – Temple Israel of Sharon

12/2 – Camp Limmud @ Limmud Boston

12/2 – Hannukah Happening – Temple Aliyah of Needham

12/7-8 – Ramah Shabbat at Temple Emunah in Lexington

12/15 – Winter Camp Carnival- Temple Israel of Natick

12/16 – Religious School program “Clue” – Temple Israel of Natick



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