Getting to Know You: Magshimim, Bogrim, Machon, Amitzim, Goats, Sheep and Hens!

A beautiful summer afternoon on Opening Day was filled with fun activities so our chanichim (campers) could meet each other, their madrichim (counselors), and, brand new to the machane (camp)…goats, sheep and hens.  There were lots of great peulot tzrif (bunk activities) and peulot edah (division activities) all across camp!  Magshimim played “Catch the Achbar (mouse)” and “Sfinat Piratim” (Pirate Ship) outside Beit Am Bet:

Bogrim played a Q & A Circle Game in the Bet Am Gadol:

Machon met the Washington bus and our new farm animals, all with a happy welcome:

Amitzim and Voc Ed were greeted warmly upon arrival (at top, and below):

And last but not least, Rabbi Joshua Ackerman will head our newest Limud (Education) project: farm animals! We welcome 2 sheep, 2 goats, and 9 hens into our kehilla (community).  Our chanichim will enjoy learning about Judaism’s approach to and texts regarding animal welfare, as well as farming in Israel.  What a great new project for our machane!