Getting the Camp Grounds Ready for Kayitz 2010 Pt. II — Renovated Tennis Courts & Repainted Chadar Ochel!


Yesterday I posted photos of the tzad bet migrash, which I think looks as good right now as it ever has.  But there are lots more renovations and improvements, big and small, which I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised to see when they come for the beginning of camp in less than two weeks!

Take a look at our tennis courts which, on both tzad aleph and tzad bet, have been repaired, resurfaced, and repainted.

CampGrounds 006
Speaking of repainting, we also recently completed a project to repaint the interior of our Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall).  Take a look!

CampGrounds 010
CampGrounds 011
More photos from around camp tomorrow!