Getting the Camp Grounds Ready for Kayitz 2010 Pt. IV — New Fire-Pits Around Camp!


One of the new programs that we're really excited about this summer is that, every Thursday night, each edah is going to have their own camp-fire after dinner, where they can sing, make s'mores and other campfire food, and have fun!  To make this happen, we're in the process of creating a number of new fire pits all around camp, so that each edah can have its own makom (space).

Here's a glimpse at one of the under-construction pits, with a great view overlooking the Tzad Bet agam (lake)!  We'll be setting up lots of logs and benches around each pit, so that a whole edah can come and be seated around the camp-fire. 

CampGrounds 013
CampGrounds 012