Getting to Know the Shlichim


We have had two completely filled action packed days of building community and training of our new Shlichim.  It is a wonderful group of young people who are so committed and excited to bring Israel to Palmer. 

We have had wonderful programs exploring the cultural differences between Israelis an Americans, a marvelous self-reflection journey of our own Jewish identities, and a lot of conversation about what camp life is like.  Yesterday, a representative from Stand With Us discussed with the Shlichim how to be representatives of Israel and what types of reactions they might get both in camp and around Palmer.  Most of our Shlichim have never been to the States.  It was a very interesting conversation.

Each shaliach is so excited to get to know our campers and to bring their love of kids, specific skills and unique life stories to camp.  Below, our cartoonist Eyal Chirug, showed me a picture of a mural he painted in the lounge of his army base on Mt. Harmon  The kids are going to love working with him.


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