Gila Goes Gourmet: Machon Aruchat Erev (Dinner)

A volunteer group of Machon chanichim (campers) had an amazing treat: they prepared and consumed a gourmet aruchat erev (dinner), under the guidance of master chef Gila Ben-David Stone, part of the Tarbut Yisraelit (Israeli culture) tzevet (staff) pictured here:

Gila is a native of Petach Tikva, and this is her first summer at Palmer.  She brings her enthusiasm for Israel, Hebrew, Israeli cuisine and beyond to our grateful Machaneh Ramah.

Delectable Shakshuka, pita, salad and chocolate pastries were prepared from scratch.  Perhaps most significantly, the chanichim had to prepare each dish using a recipe written only in Hebrew, which fulfilled our “Meah Milim” (one hundred Hebrew words) program — and beyond!  One true test of foreign language proficiency: prepare 4 dishes from recipes written only in that foreign language! Our chanichim passed with flying colors (and gourmet food!).  It was a fun, busy, delicious evening at Cafe Ramah, the home base of Tarbut Yisraelit.