Gorgeous New Ramah-Wear Available from Lands End!


Camp Ramah in New England has entered into a new partnership with Lands End.  You can now purchase all sorts of great, high-quality clothing emblazoned with several different Camp Ramah in New England logos.  The logos can be embroidered or printed.  Check out the Lands End Camp Ramah store here!

We've created several different color combinations for the logo, each assigned to be printed on certain colored items.  So, for instance, if you order a gray shirt, you'll get the snazzy red/black/white combo seen above.  If you order a blue shirt, you'll get the blue/orange/white combo seen below.  And so on and so forth for a variety of different colors.

Doesn't that embroidery look nice?  By the way, Lands End isn't just selling clothing.  Check out these beautiful Ramah towels!


Doesn't that look sharp?  You can order all of this Ramah-Wear and lots more here!