Great Article about a Ramah Couple!

Take a look at this wonderful article from the Washington Jewish Week, highlighting the happy Ramah marriage of  Noah Borenstein (an alum of Camp Ramah in New England) to Amy Heller (an alum of Camp Ramah in New England.)

An excerpt:

Noah and Amy exemplify the similarity or attraction theory – that people are attracted to others who are similar. “It’s not that we complement each other,” says Noah. “We are each other.”

 They share the same values, they like the same people, and enjoy similar interests. They both love Camp Ramah. Noah calls it  his “favorite place on earth.” He sums up: “It has been the biggest influence on my life.”

More than 300 marriages, including the union of Noah and Amy, are listed on the website of Ramah Marriages.  Speaking of his own friends, Noah notes: “We were a group of eight Ramah guys and four of us married Ramah girls.” No wonder it is said that Camp Ramah is a great place to meet your future spouse.

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