Great Start to Bogrim’s Second Session!


With a fun intersession of movies, a park, and bowling under way, Bogrim was ready to begin second session on Tuesday. Full session campers anxiously greeted new campers and began their bunk activities. That first night, Bogrim was alive in the chadar ochel (dining hall), singing and dancing to favorite camp songs. We came together as an edah for peulat erev. To introduce the summer theme of etz chayim (tree of life), each bunk dressed up one counselor to reflect the physical and spiritual  process of growing trees: one bunk each reresented seeds, air, sunlight, water, and dirt. There was an active runway show and beautiful fashion represented!

On Wednesday, Bogrim heard from Ami Yares who uses music to connect Israeli and Arab children, and to fight for social change generally. Bogrim heard his music, sang his and other music, and had the chance to reflect on Ami’s message and contribute their own thoughts. That evening, Bogrim traveled to Ben Yehuda street in Jerusalem to compete in games in order to win “Bogrim Bucks.” They then haggled for prizes such as lunch with their rosh edah, cleaning the moadon, or yoga with one counselor.

Now that the session is underway Bogrim is psyched to get into the full swing of camp daily life!

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