Greetings from Ojai–The Ramah Special Needs Network and Directors Meetings


Greetings from Camp Ramah in California.  In a short while, amitzim counselor, Estie Martin, inclusion counselor, David Cohen, former Tikvah long-time staff member, Shira Arcus, and I will join our colleagues from Ramah special needs programs from across North America to share our various spirited Tikvah prayer services.  We have already discussed our inclusion programs, peulot erev, staff week training, Shabbos Is Calling and more!   And we presented an hour long peulat erev on "The Role of Special Needs In Ramah Camping.  We are lucky enough to participate in four intense days of meetings and sharing as part of Reshet, a National  Ramah Commission initiative to bring together staff members from the various Ramah special needs programs which include Tikvah, Breira and Ramah family camps. Four of our special needs program directors are also here.  We are pleased to join Ramah rashei edah, Daber Fellows, camp directors, and participants in Ramah Service Corps and the Weinstein Institute for meetings and fun.  We look to sharing more from our Ramah Ojai experience–perhaps after our visit to the beach today!

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