Hadracha- Nivonim takes on the challenge of Leadership

Hadracha is one of the cornerstones of the Nivonim Leadership Program.  In hadracha, Nivonimers get the opportunity to work with younger campers and camp systems through many different mediums.  Some Nivonimers act as Counselors in Training, while others work on their programming or with Tzevet Tech (Tech Staff).  The Hadracha tracks are:

The Madrich track where Nivonimers act as counselors in training for A side campers

The Peula track which runs educational and fun programs and activities for younger campers

Tech Track where Nivonimers learn the ins and outs of setting up the Tech systems at camp

Social Justice Track where Nivonimers learn how to help bring about positive and healthy change

Rikud Track where Nivonimers learn how to become better leaders through dance, and learn how to choreograph and teach their own dances

Sports Track where Nivonimers learn to lead through coaching sports

The Amitzim track, where Nivonimers act as Counselors in Training in the Tikvah program at Camp Ramah.

We are thrilled to see so much success already in the tracks, and the updates will continue!


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