HaKosem m’Eretz Oz (The Wizard of Oz): Bravo!

What a great show! Magshimim and Bogrim chanichim (campers) put on an excellent musical last night– HaKosem m’Eretz Oz, entirely in Hebrew of course.  After days of practice, assembling of costumes, building of scenery, acquisition of props, tech set-up, and many rehearsals, the result was a tour de force.  For the audience, the excitement and buzz began at the entrance to the Beit Am Gadol, as the entire machane (camp) gathered for this wonderful show.  There was a long yellow brick at the approach to the entrance and then the sign on the door (in Hebrew of course): “Something tells me we’re not in Palmer anymore…”.  The dialogue, singing and dancing all went off with wonderful dramatic flair.  All the components came together seamlessly: a tornado-like rumble, ruby slippers, Toto, oil, and flying monkeys.  Of course, “Not Ware, Palmer” had its cameo appearance.  Bravo!