Hanhallah 2016!


We are very excited to announce our 2016 Hanhallah (Senior Staff)!

Andy Weissfeld.cropped


Rosh Kochavim: Andy Weissfeld — Shalom!  I am very excited to be Rosh Kochavim this summer!  I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA and currently reside in College Park, MD. I went on Nativ after high school and I just finished my second year at the University of Maryland where I am pursuing a degree in Jewish Studies and Sociology.  I grew up attending Camp Ramah in Canada and worked at the Ramah Day Camp in Nyack, NY for one summer.  For the past two summers, I have staffed USY on Wheels, and I currently work at Ohr Kodesh Congregation in Chevy Chase, MD as the Youth Programming Associate.  I enjoy playing golf, watching baseball, and I am an avid Star Wars fan.  I am very excited to join the tzevet (staff) at Camp Ramah New England for kayitz (summer) 2016!



Leehee Kanne.cropped


Rosh Ilanot (1st session): Leehee Kanne — Shalom!  I am so happy to be returning to Ramah New England as Rosh Ilanot this summer!  I have worked for the Summer Shlichim (Israeli staff) program for 15 years in both the screening and the training process for new and returning shlichim.  My first summer at Camp Ramah New England was in 2000, and over my years at camp I have been a counselor, theater specialist, Hinuch (education) staff, Rosh Kochavim and Rosh Bogrim.  I am super excited to come back after a long break, during which I served as the long-term community Shlicha in Pittsburgh for 4 years, where I also worked at Hillel Jewish University Center and was the Diller Program coordinator.  I have a degree in informal education and currently serve as the director of the “Eye2Israel” program at Ort Israel.



Reut Dei.cropped


Rosh Ilanot (2nd session): Reut Dei — Shalom!  I am so happy to be coming back to Ramah for the second session as Rosh Ilanot!  I’m from Israel, and I first came as a shlicha to Ramah New England for kayitz (summer) 2014.  After having been a madrichah (counselor) on Tzad Aleph (A-Side) for two years, I’m really exited to come back to camp this year as a Rosh Edah!  We are going to have so much fun together in Ilanot!  I live in Israel and I am currently a student at Ben Gurion University, studying life sciences.  I know we are going to have a great summer and I can’t wait to see you all soon!




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Rosh Solelim: Elad Dorenbust —  Shalom everybody!  I am very excited to be Rosh Solelim this summer!  I’m 24 years old and I live in Israel.  I’m a first year electrical engineering student and I love playing basketball in my free time.  I also love swimming in the agam and I really miss the magic of Shabbat in camp.  For the last 2 summers I have been a madrich (counselor) in Kochavim, Ilanot and Solelim and I’m really excited to be back this summer as Rosh Solelim — The best edah in camp!!  See you there !



Rafi Spitzer.cropped


Rosh Solelim: Rafi Spitzer —  Shalom!  I am so excited to be starting the summer off with Solelim!   I am studying to be a Rabbi at the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) in New York City.  This year, I have been learning in Israel, and I am excited to share about my experiences there.  I graduated from Boston University, where I studied Anthropology, and then I worked as the Community Projects Specialist at Temple Beth Elohim of Wellesley, MA.  I have spent many summers on staff at Ramah, and this will be my fifth summer in Solelim!  I love to cook and to travel, especially with my wife, Rachael Besser.  I cannot wait to be back in Palmer!  (Rafi will be helping out as Rosh Solelim for the beginning of the summer, until Elad arrives from Israel.)



Maor Gordon-Guterman.cropped


Rosh Shoafim: Maor Gordon-Guterman — Shalom!  I cannot wait to be Rosh Shoafim at Ramah New England this summer!  I have previously spent three summers on staff as a counselor at Ramah, one at Ramah Berkshires and two at Ramah Wisconsin.  I am extremely excited to be spending my first summer at Ramah New England working as a Rosh Edah!  I have recently graduated from Washington University in Saint Louis where I studied Economics and Political Science.  In my spare time I can be found playing Ultimate Frisbee, watching the British Premier League or reading (mostly) Israeli literature.  I look forward to becoming a member of the Ramah New England community and am so excited for a great summer!



Adina Golob.cropped

Rosh Amitzim: Adina Golob — Shalom!  I am SO excited to be Rosh Amitzim for kayitz (summer) 2016!  This will be my 13th summer at camp and my 3rd in Amitzim.  I am getting ready to graduate from the University of Hartford with a degree in Sociology.  In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends, watching Netflix and spending time outside. Next school year, I will be working in a program called City Year through the AmeriCorps. I can’t wait to be back in Palmer and have the best summer with Amitzim 2016!




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Rosh Magshimim: Eric Silberman — Shalom!  I am very excited to be Rosh Magshimim this summer at Ramah New England!  I am currently a rabbinical student at Hebrew College (one year down, four to go), and I am energized by the success of Jewish summer camps in inspiring the next generation of Jewish leaders. I hail from Washington, DC, lived in Houston for a stretch, spent a year in Israel, and I am now proud to called Boston home.  I can’t wait to see you all soon at camp!




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Rosh Bogrim (1st session): Hannah Glickman — Shalom Machaneh Ramah!  I am thrilled to be Rosh Bogrim for the first half of kayitz (summer) 2016! This will be my thirteenth summer at camp, my fifth on tzevet (staff) and my second as a Rosh Edah.  I currently live in New Orleans, where I teach 9th grade Special Education at Bonnabel High School, through Teach for America.  Prior to teaching, I studied history at Brown University, and I graduated in 2015.  When I’m not working with kids, I enthusiastically root for all Boston sports teams and bake as much as possible.  I’m looking forward to an amazing kayitz!



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Rosh Bogrim (2nd session): Sarah Gans — Shalom!  I am so excited to be joining you second session as Rosh Bogrim!  I’m currently on a semester abroad in Melbourne, Australia, hanging out with koalas, kangaroos, and also Australian Jews!  I can’t wait to come home to Palmer for my fourth summer on tzevet (staff)!  When I’m not in 01069,  I’m a student at Brown University in Providence, RI, where I study Neuroscience (Brains!) and plan to go to medical school after I graduate.  I spend a lot of my spare time baking, playing the trumpet, and learning the ukulele, and plan to bring ALL of these things to our edah this summer! I’m so excited to meet you and get back to a New England summer after an Australian winter!  Cheers.





Rosh Machon: Ezra Balser — Shalom!  I am very excited to be returning to Camp Ramah in New England as Rosh Machon for kayitz (summer) 2016!  I have been a Ramahnik since my Halutzim (entering 6th Grade) summer in 1996 and I have been hooked ever since!  I took my freshman year of college aboard and studied at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem from 2003-2004.  I received a B.A in Religious Studies from York University in 2008.  While at York, I was a member of Kol Neshama, the York Jewish a cappella choir. I am a Rabbinical student at Hebrew College in Boston, and I am currently the Rabbinic Intern at Temple Israel of Sharon, MA, and a teacher at Temple Shir Tikvah in Winchester, MA.  I was a Rosh Edah at Camp Ramah in New England for 2010-12, and I was the Director of Staff Life in 2013.  Last summer I was very happy to return for a machzor (session) as the football coach, and I am very excited to be Rosh Machon for kayitz 2016!


Aryeh Kalender.cropped


Rosh Nivonim: Aryeh Kalender — Throughout the centuries, there have been few constants to the working of the world that we can truly believe in.  However, Nivonim is one of those exceptions.  I, Aryeh Kalender, am beyond thrilled to be part of the Nivonim Program this summer as your loving Rosh Edah.  Born on the sunny foothills of elegant Chrystallake Illinois, I have been fascinated with the world of Machane Ramah from day one.  Now a fully grown semi-adult, I am a recent University of Maryland Graduate, having studied Jewish Studies and Global Poverty.  This will be my fourth summer spent in Nivonim (my first as Rosh Nivonim) and I look forward to working with a highly skilled, highly trained, elite tzevet (staff) along with a powerful, energetic edah to create memories that will last a lifetime and the G.K.O.A.T. (Greatest Kayitz Of All Time).  This kayitz (summer) will be written about in the history books, and taught in schools for year to come as an eternal example of perfection. So get excited, Nivonim 2016!!