Hanhallah climbs to new heights

Hanhallah (senior staff) climbed the alpine tower as a way to bond, challenge ourselves, and experience the machane from a different vantage point.  While some Hanhallah members climbed the tower when they were chanichim (campers)  many of us had never climbed before. It was an amazing, empowering experience. Everyone who climbed made it to the top and each of us was rewarded with a bird’s  eye view of the Beit Am Gadol, Kfar Nivonim, and the new Chadar Ochel.

Todah Rabah to tzevet chavelim (ropes staff) for giving us this great opportunity and for all of their support on the climb up and the “ride” down.  Tzevet Chavelim were so generous with their time and so patient with each of us, guiding us through the climb one arm/leg at a time.  It was a great way for all of us to experience first hand the care that our tzevet (staff) takes with our chanichim, helping them to accomplish new and wondrous feats daily.

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