Happy Second Day of Shoafim!


Today Shoafim was able to move past the introduction of the session and get to the good stuff. All of the new session campers finally got to jump into the agam (lake)! The unique experience of swimming in the agam at camp is truly underrated in my opinion. Here are a few of the Shoafim boys waiting to show off their strokes:

A perk of the day was that the chanichim (campers) traveled k’tzrif  (by bunk) for all three chugim (electives). Some played sports like ultimate frisbee, kickball, and basketball.

Other bunks visited the omanut (art) building for friendship bracelet making or paper-cutting.

It was very exciting to see all of the chanichim experiencing their first full day together as unified tzrifim. Tomorrow, each camper will be heading to chugim they have chosen themselves after seeing all of the exciting options they have. I’ll get to watch them in action at other activities like teva (nature), cooking, archery, nagarut (woodworking), ropes, dance, ceramics, silk painting, and much, much more. The kids are super excited to continue the session. More to come!

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