Harry Potter reaches Magshimim


After a week of our regularly scheduled programming, Magshimim spent a day focused on many fun Harry Potter activites. The chanihcim (campers) spent the day split into four teams, just like the four houses in Harry Potter, and participated in fun activities throughout the day. One highlight of the day was when the kids were at the Yule Ball, and had to go around to different "characters" in the room, helping them problem-solve, and using some Hebrew. The chanichim even made wands, and talked about the power of berachot (blessings) and their relation to the spells used in Harry Potter.




Speaking of berachot, our tefillah (prayer) focus in Magshimim this summer has been on the blessings at the end of each paragraph of the Amidah. Each day we have learned about a new paragraph of the Amidah, and we practice saying it together out loud. We've had some interesting speakers come in to talk to us about the prayers. For the paragraph about healing the sick, a doctor from the Marp came to talk to us, and for the paragraph about praising God for the goodness of our crops, we had Rosh Teva (nature) of camp come speak to us. Magshimim has some all-star Torah readers and tefillot leaders. May chanichim have been participating, and it has been a pleasure to hear everyone in tefillot; we love seeing them show off their new skill set during their Bar/Bat Mitzvah year! Something else special that we are doing in Magshimim is putting the "honor" back in the aliyah to the Torah. For every camper who gets an aliyah to the Torah, his or her counselor says something nice about him or her, to show everyone why that person deserves the honor this week. Everyone has enjoyed this new tradition!

For the past few days Magshimim has been in full mode preparing for our play, Alice in Wonderland, which we will be putting on Wednesday evening. Dancers are dancing, singers are singing, and those interested in scenery, costumes, and tech are getting the opportunity to participate as well. Stay tuned for pictures and updates after our play!


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