Hayafa V’hachaya – Magshimim/Bogrim Play!

Last night camp was treated to an incredible machazemer (play) put on by Magshimim and Bogrim. Every summer Magshimim and Bogrim come together to do a play and this year we put on the show Hayafa V’hachaya (Beauty and the Beast). To say that it was a huge success would be an understatement.  The campers were fantastic. They learned all their lines and all their dances in a short period of time. We painted beautiful sets, created costumes, and even choreographed some of our own dances. Magshimim started off the play and did the first half of the show and Bogrim picked it up in the castle for the second half. Overall we were incredibly proud of both edot, and they all felt lots of pride!

We got to showcase the entire edah dancing to the song “Be our Guest”, in a clever scene where each bunk choreographed its own section of the song. The boys and girls each had an opportunity to do their own dance, and both of these dances impressed the audience! There were great soloists, a talented ensemble, and lots of teamwork to make the show happen. Counselors and campers worked tirelessly painting sets and designing costumes. By the end of the show, the entire edah felt more unified, and we all had a great sense of pride! Needless to say, the play was a huge success!

Below is a video of our boys dance, portraying the scene where the beast fights the wolves… enjoy!

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