HaYafah v’ HaChaya: Magshimim and Bogrim’s magical performance of Beauty and the Beast

Last night, Magshimim and Bogrim performed the musical Hayafah v’ HaChaya (Beauty and the Beast) entirely in Hebrew. It was absolutely beautiful from start to finish. The actors have spent the past two and a half weeks learning their lines and perfecting their singing and staging and their hard work and dedication was evident in last night’s performance.

Magshimim took on the role of villagers and Bogrim were enchanted objects. In addition to the main actors, each Edah performed a full Edah song and dance number.  Magshimim performed the opening number “Belle” and Bogrim performed “Be our Guest”. Each tzrif choreographed part of the dance and then the entire edah danced together for the final stanza. Bogrim even executed an amazing kick line, to Cogsworths’ dismay (there were two Cogsworth in our performance). “Lo Hacan-can” they said as they ran across the stage (“not the kick line”).

The final component of any Edah machazemer at Camp Ramah New England is that each Edah also has two additional dance numbers open to all chanichim that would like to participate. Often choreographed by tzevet members, the dances feature stellar moves and acrobatics.  The four dances last night did not disappoint. The chanichim worked tremendously hard on them and the crowd went absolutely wild at the end of each.

Bogrim chanichim created the props and costumes and worked on stage crew. Their varied jobs included running spotlights and sound board, switching mikes seemlessly between actors, hitting every curtain cue, moving props and helping ensure that costume changes went off without a hitch.  They also surprised the actors by throwing confetti as the beast transformed into the prince. Their dedication to detail put the finishing touches of sparkle on a show that already shined.

It was a magical, transformative night!

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