Highlight on Ulpan Or: Intensive Hebrew Program!

From Akiva Harris, one of our Intensive Hebrew Specialists from Ulpan Or:

After having a successful intensive Hebrew program during the first session, we started the second Session by re-opening registration to the program and giving the opportunity to every camper who wants to improve his/her Hebrew to participate in this special program. We were glad to see that as many as 80 campers joined the program to study Hebrew for two hours every day!

Each edah has three different level groups, so that our campers learn according to their level. This intensive Hebrew program places strong emphasis on spoken and modern Hebrew, and during the lessons the campers are asked to speak as much as possible about topics that are relevant to their real daily life. The campers are taught by using unique videos, Israeli songs, situations of their everyday lives, Israeli news, Israeli TV shows and more. The kids use their Hebrew during the class (all levels) and use it while asking friends questions, having a full dialogue in Hebrew, expand their vocabulary and most importantly strengthen their confidence in speaking Hebrew.

All of this is happening with a lot of fun and excitement!

So, from now on, you can converse with your kids in Hebrew (or ask them to teach you…)!