Hinuch Report-Solelim

In Solelim we are working on Shmirat ha-Lashon.  This was written by Rabbi Arye Berk’s group as part of "Shmirat ha-Lashon" (watching what language we use) an opportunity to sing about Shmirat ha-Lashon.

“Hey Dude!”

(to the melody of “Hey Jude”)

Hey dude

Watch what you say

Take a rumor and do not spread it.

Remember to keep your mouths closed

Then you can start to make the world better.

Hey Dude

Don’t let it fly

Please guard your tongue

And no one will cry

Remember not to speak gossip

And then you will make the world better.

Nanananananana, nananana, Hey Dude!

Don’t spread Lashon Ha-Rah, ah ah ah ah

Hey Dude!

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