Hunger Games: The Peulat Erev! Starring: Magshimim!

In addition to the daily chugim (specialty groups, pictured here), every Edah (division) also gathers each evening for its own, unique Peulat Erev (evening activity) to build community and have tons of fun.  The Rosh Edah (division head) of Magshimim, Maddie, together with the Magshimim tzevet (staff), created and carried out Hunger Games: The Peulat Erev (evening activity) Thursday night.  It was amazing – fun, engaging, slightly competitive, intricate and informative for all involved.

The details: Maddie and tzevet described the Pillars of Ramah.  The chanichim (campers) had to search for and find different colored cards that had been distributed all around the Tzad Bet Migrash (B-Side Field).  Each of the six colors stood for a different Main Pillar of Palmer: red, for Roo (prep for the sports competition with Ramah Berkshires) included the elements Migrash and Kadur (ball); orange, for Shabbat, included Challah and Zman Chofshi (free time); yellow, for Makolet (grocery stand) included soda and chocolate; green, for Tzrif (bunk) included chaverim (friends) and madrich (counselor); blue for tefillot (prayers) included Siddur (prayer book) and Shira (singing); and finally purple, for chadar ochel (dining room) included Mazleg (fork) and Sakin (knife).  When a chanich found all the elements in a particular pillar, the madrich holding the matching color would mark their hand with the matching color.  The added challenge: the remaining madrichim would chase the chanichim, and when caught — the madrich would erase any color marks from the chanich’s hand that they had managed to earn thus far!  There was a brisk, healthy and fun competition amongst the Magshimim community of chanichim.

The winner: the one who got all 6 colors, standing for the 6 Pillars, first.  And the brilliantly devised second place award went to the chanich who collected the most trash when it was time to clean up! Brilliant move, Maddie and tzevet!

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