Ilanot all grown up!

Dear Ilanot Parents,

We have been so busy here in Ilanot over the past few days! On Tuesday night, the whole camp participated in Ramah's got talent. Aaron Jennis, from bunk 1/2 won our edah competition and went on to play the guitar for all of camp. We are so proud of him! The whole edah cheered and showed their support for Aaron during the show.
On wednesday our Yom Meyuchad was 'all grown up'. We began our day with tefillot, and acted as musicians, playing instruments as we prayed. Later, we took part in activities to explore different jobs: we cooked, preformed 'surgery', acted, danced, played sports, acted as teachers, architects and more! It was a great day! Tonight we are looking forward to the Machon play, and boker tzrif tomorrow. Keep checking back for more news from Ilanot!

Kol Tuv,

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