Ilanot Boker Tzad and Yom Foam!


Friday was Boker Tzad in Ilanot so instead of their regular chug options, chanichim enjoyed a variety of special options all morning.  They got to make their own pita in teva cooking, climb the climbing wall, play pillow polo, water dodgeball, frisbee golf, hockey, race in a wet and wacky relay race, and enjoy our all hebrew Cafe Ramah.  Right before lunch tzad aleph came together for performances from all of the chugim.  Ilanot chanichim performed in two dances and one play, “The tortoise and the hare.”  The play ended with a quote from Pirkei Avot, “lo alecha hamlacha ligmor, V’lo ata ben chorin lihabatel mimena,”  “it is not your job to finish the work, but neither are you free from desisting.”  There was also a band performance in which some chanichim  performed using instruments which they had never played before!  After lunch, all of tzad aleph rushed back to the migrash for Yom Foam.  Every year, the Palmer Fire Department creates a huge pile of foam for the chanichim to play in.  It was a super fun way to end the week before Shabbat.

Ilanot Chug Band gets ready to peform




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