Ilanot & Boker Tzrif: Balloon Animals with Rosh Edah Andy W.

There is a wonderful energy around Boker Tzrif (bunk morning).  This comprehensive Palmer-wide program is masterfully designed to enable each and every bunk’s chanichim (campers) and madrichim (counselors) to grow even closer with each other.  During the time that chanichim are usually attending various chugim (electives) with others in their own edah (division) but not necessarily their own tzrif, this special program focuses on each bunk traveling to several chug-like activities together as a cohesive group.  This is a special Palmer moment dedicated to deepening and strengthening the bonds between and among the chanichim of each and every tzrif.  Pictured here are chanichim from adat-haIlanot, having tons of fun making colorful balloon animals.   They were accompanied by their madricha, and also guided by intrepid Andy W., Rosh Edah.  Boker Tzrif brought out the inner balloon animal artist in everyone! What fun!

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