Ilanot Celebrates Yom Wizard of Oz


Today Ilanoters went on a search for friendship and passion! We had a great time!

Here are some of the fun things we did today:

  • Watching two short clips from the Wizard of Oz having to do with friendship and pursuing things you feel you are missing in life.
  • Making friendship bracelets for a secret friend
  • Yellow Brick Road Stations: learning a peice of Pirkei Avot about finding a friend, creating a recipe for friendship, drawing diagrams of names intertwined, playing mystery "I am your friend" game, learning a song with the words to the verse from Pirkei Avot
  • Letter writing to Rabbi Gelb about ideas we have for camp
  • What are we each passionate about? How can we pursue those passions in our daily life?
  • Telling stories about objects that are important to us
  • Creating a dream job logo and badge
  • Competing in a bunk dance-off to songs from the Wizard of Oz


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