Ilanot Creates Memories with Madrichim MiNivonim


Last evening, the chanichim (campers) in Ilanot created kiddush cups and saucers decorated with pictures from their summer experience here at Ramah. We were joined by six of our friends from Nivonim (the oldest edah in camp). These chanichim in Nivonim are called “Madrichim B’Nivonim.” They are learning how to be great madrichim (counselors) for young chanichim! As we worked together, each chanich/a decorated their own cup with pictures and modge podge. Next came the saucers. Each chanich/a was asked to find three friends. Each friend would write a positive adjective about the owner of the saucer. At camp, we make friends that last a lifetime. We hope that this art project will help to keep those memories alive during the 10 months we’re apart.



Categories: Ilanot, Nivonim