Ilanot discusses ways to connect to G-d


This morning in t’fillah, three teachers, having come prepared to each teach about a different prayer, all had one overarching goal in mind: To show chanichim that making a connection with G-d can mean different things to different people. The conversations in small groups led to discussion about G-d and prayer. One group talk about how G-d created the world through speech and how powerful how speech can be. The second group learned a melody for the line, “Elokai neshama shenatata bi tehorah hi,” and spoke about the power of focusing on one line from a tfilah in order to gather your thoughts and concentrate with the intention that feels good for oneself. The last group spoke about the words of the last paragraph of the amidah, “Elohai nizor l’sheni mera…” In that group they discussed how prayer can connect with how we feel everyday and how we choose to live our daily lives.

We thank our teachers for opening up our minds just a bit more about t’filah.

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