Ilanot enjoys their chugim/electives!


One of the best parts of camp is the opportunity to choose which electives you want, and to try new experiences and also to enjoy the ones that you love the most. My favorite chug/elective is boating! Camp Ramah offers an incredible variety of options, from Drama to Hockey to Paper Mache to Krav Maga. Our chanichim/campers have 3 perakim/periods of chugim/electives every day, and they switch after 2 weeks, so everybody gets an opportunity for 6 different awesome options. Below are some pictures of Ilanoters having fun at their chugim/electives!2015-07-22 10.11.17 2015-07-23 18.15.36 2015-07-23 17.15.12 2015-07-23 14.54.00 2015-07-22 17.01.41 2015-07-22 15.04.54 2015-07-22 14.59.46 options, from cla

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