Ilanot excels at the whole camp Yom Sport!!!!


On Monday night, the oldest chanichim/campers in camp, Nivonim, surprised us all by breaking out Yom Sport at the end of the Zimkudia/song+dance festival. We spent all day on Tuesday competing in colors (Adom/red, Kachol/blue, Yarok/green, and Lavan/white). Ilanot showed so much Ruach/Spirit and good sportsmanship. During the big relay race, Ilanot and Kochavim participated by completing a series of challenges such as putting the tefilot/prayers in the correct order, drawing the Roshes, and leapfrogging across a room. The day concluded with closing ceremonies, as each team presented their songs, dances, and banners to the Shoftim/judges. Everyone is a winner at Machane Ramah!

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