Ilanot – First Shabbat and Yom Meyuchad


It’s been such an exciting week here in Ilanot. We really enjoyed spending our first Shabbat with all of our friends in this wonderful community. The weather was perfect, and we got to participate in a series of fun activities and sports, with plenty of time to rest during the day. The chanichim added much ruach to our tefillot Saturday morning, and several were honored with aliyot being called up to the Torah.

On Sunday we resumed our regular activities, diving deeper into our chuggim and continuing lots of fun programming. We’ve had early morning boating, rehearsals for our song and dance for Ilanot Shabbat coming up this week, and trips to Rondeau’s are right around the corner! Tzrifim have been to the Jungle Joe and the Water Trampoline, and the fun is sure to continue.

Yesterday we had our first Yom Meyuchad of the summer, where madrichim planned an entire day of themed activities for us to enjoy. It was Yom Wild Wild West, and we had a blast creating our own Western Towns, participating in the Gold Rush, and traveling from city to city learning about what makes different places unique. The presentations of the town flags, anthems and identities was really fun. Our Western twang was heard across camp throughout the day. We can’t wait for the rest of the week and our upcoming Shabbat Ilanot!

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