Ilanot – getting ready for Shabbat




After our fun medurah (campfire) last night – did you see the facebook video? – we are starting to get ready for our second Shabbat at Machane Ramah! Can you believe it?

Today was the last day of the chugim rotation, so the chanichim collected their finished projects and are very happy to display them to anyone who asks. They will be starting their new chugim this Sunday!

We also started our super nikayon (cleanup) challenge today, which is a week long competition for the cleanest Tzrif (bunk). Let me tell you, they all really want to win!! And are working really hard towards it.

Have a wonderful Shabbat! We know we will. 🙂

IMG_9469 IMG_9468 IMG_9486 IMG_9467 

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