Ilanot has so much ruach!

This morning, as Ilanoters woke up to a morning of Yom Sport, excitement was in the air! Chanichim ran out of their bunks singing cheers for their colors with pride! All morning they have competed in various sports and games, such as Ultimate Frisbee, Apples to Apples, Gaga, Basketball, Party games, and Kickball!

Their voices can be heard around camp as they sing cheers in both Hebrew and English! All four teams are receiving points for walking around with water bottles, sunscreen, and hats on this sunny day at Ramah New England!

Our chanichim have bonded with their bunkmates and other members of Edat haIlanot! Decked out in blue, white, red, and green, our Ilanot campers are showing camp what a lot of ruach can do!

As we continue on with our week, stay tuned for blogs about a special peulah (activity) with our Mishlachat (Israeli staff), Yehuda (our Hebrew Specialist), and Challah baking!!!

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