Ilanot (with the help of Nivonim) get to know each other a little bit better

Last night, Ilanot met on the migrash tennis (tennis court) on Tzad Aleph to play a fun and energetic guessing game. The madrichim (counselors) and Nivonim minis (programing CITs) stuck a word on each chanich’s (camper’s) forehead. The chanichim were then tasked with three things. First they had to guess the word on their forehead by asking yes or no questions to other chanichim in the edah. Once they guessed their word, they had to find their pair– the other chanich who had the same word.  The pair then had to find out five interesting things about the other person and report their findings to a madrich or Nivonimer.

The chanichim were incredibly engaged in all three aspects of the peulah (program) and everyone walked away knowing a little bit more about someone who they didn’t really know previously.  For the Nivonimers involved, this was the first step in learning how to program for Ilanot-aged chanichim. They were instrumental in helping during the peulah, working with the chanichim to make it a fun and memorable activity.  Next week, the Nivonimers will take the next step and both plan the peulah and run it.

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