Ilanot is a “Mishpacha G’dolah Achat!”



All of our Ilanot campers have gotten off to an amazing start! We have had edah wide programming where tzrifim (bunks) have been played lots of getting-to-know-you activities!

Our theme for the summer is "Mishpacha G'dolah Achat" (one big family). In Ilanot, the tzevet (staff) decided on several values we as an edah stand upon. They include ideas about new beginnings (hatchalah chadasha), unity (achdut), friendship (chaverut), etz chaim, step up/step back, and cooperation (shituf peulah).

This week, we are focusing on the the theme of Hatchalah Chadasha. As we all begin our masaot (journeys) at Camp Ramah in New England, we take a look at who we are and how we can give to the camp community just as much as we soak up ourselves. We have empasized each individuals strengths and intentionally continue to find opportunities for each chanich and chanicha to shine!

Last night, each tzrif created their own bunk flags. They spoke about all the things that make their bunks unique! Once they agreed upon a few key words and pictures they began to design their flags. Each tzrif presented their degalim (flags) at the medurah (campfire) tonight!

A great time was had by all! We sat around the medurah making s'mores and singing hebrew songs and cheers! One of our chanichim even performed a song on his ukelele!

Stay tuned to the blog for more about Ilanot every few days!

You can also view many pictures taken of our chanichim on the camp website!


Liav Shapiro

Rosh Ilanot


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