Ilanot Jumps into Second Session!


Ilanoters have had a great beginning to the second session! We began by playing "getting-to-know-you" games within our bunks, then slowly began to get to know the whole edah. We played a speed friending game where we sat in two concentric circles and were given talking prompts. We sat and spoke with our buddies for one minute, then the inner circle moved one space to the right and we had new friends to chat with! The excitement in the room was contagious! We then learned our edah song! To the tune of a song by Katie Perry, our chanichim got into it immediately! Clapping and singing inside we began to build pride as the greatest Ilanot ever!

After choosing our chugim (activities) yesterday, we were ready to jump into a regular day at camp today! We began the day with a song filled t'fillah, then went to aruchat boker (breakfast). After breakfast we returned to our tzrifim (bunks) to do nikayon (cleaning). At 10am, we were ready to head over to the agam to go swimming. We got into our swim groups and learned so much even though it was just the first day! After we changed out of our wet bathing suits, we went to Ivrit and then our first chug option. For chug aleph, our choices were tennis, digital photography, rikud, painting, comics, newspaper, archery! After chug aleph we meet all of Tzad Aleph in the chadar ochel for aruchat tzohorayim (lunch). Today we had pizza and salad! From lunch, we went straight back to our tzrifim for shaat menucha (rest time). We made sure to write letters home and then received our canteen orders! Then, it's off to chug bet, chug gimmel, yehadut, bechirot (free choice time when lots of activities around camp are open) and then dinner! Our chug bet options were: soccer, fitness, ropes, drama, clay, and silk painting! Our chug gimmel options were: flag football, cooking, teva (nature and camping skills), archery, boating, and sculpy/clay. After dinner tonight we got to go to the camp wide concert featuring Rick Recht! After the concert, we went back to our bunks to take showers and go to sleep. We went to bed happy and excited for another day tomorrow!


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Liav Shapiro

Rosh Ilanot

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