Ilanot jumps right in!


Ilanot has jumped right into the fun! Today, our counselors went around to all of our chugim (activities) with us! We swam in the agam (lake), learned how to kayak, we were leveled for our Ivrit (Hebrew) chugim, climbed in the ropes course, and played basketball, softball, tennis, and soccer. We also participated in activities such as paper-mache, silk painting, jewelry making, archery, video animation, rikud (dance), drama, and teva (nature). 

We ended our evening together around a medura (campfire). Our counselors each performed a short song or skit to introduce themselves to the edah. They made us laugh a lot as they made funny faces and danced along to some of their favorite oldies. To rap up the evening, we sang our Ilanot song with pride, clapping with enthusiasm as we sang E-E-E- Ilanot! 

We can't wait for our chugim (activities) tomorrow that we each selected! We're also excited for our first Shabbat of second session together! 

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