Ilanot & Machon: Basketball Chug (elective)

Basketball coach Nehemiah Crowler (bio, below*) is doing a great job with our basketball chugim, including these chanichim (campers) from adat ha-Ilanot.  They have a great work-out, and do warm up exercises, drills and fundamentals, and games under his expert guidance.  Teamwork and good sportsmanship are key.   This is Nehemiah’s first time here on Tzevet (staff); Baruch HaBa (Welcome)!

And here some chanichim from adat ha-Machon joined the team:


Basketball: Nehemiah Crowler — Nehemiah Crowder is excited to come to Camp Ramah in New England this kayitz to coach Basketball! Nehemiah is currently the Assistant Coach for the Amherst College women’s basketball program of the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC). In high school, Nehemiah helped lead his team to the Class C state championship of the Massachusetts High School Athletic Association. He played Division 1 basketball at Florida International University for Isiah Thomas and played semi-pro basketball for four years. Nehemiah can’t wait to work with our chanichim (campers) to develop their basketball skills and fundamentals this kayitz at Camp Ramah!

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